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Sit and Slim Slimming Capsule Gold Version:
1. USA NO.1 Choice;
2. Slim & Fast;
3. GMP certification;
4. 100% Natural and Safe;
5. Dietary Supplement Without Prescription;
6. Sit & Slim.Get Fit While You Sit!
7. Trim your fat with sitting daily.
In the modern life, people favoring high calorie foods without regular exercise in sedentary job gives rise to weight gain, fat accumulation, leading to obesity with round shape, saggy body in lower part and slow metabolic rate. Heat consumption and fat distribution with staying a long lasting imbalance during higher input than output results in outbreak of serious diseases. 
By sitting down and not moving you're actually decreasing your blood circulation and increasing the fat in the lower part of your body. Thankfully,now there's a way tone your body and stay fit,while you sit!sit & Slim works in conjunction with a COPAG formula to keep your metabolism up and moving whilst keeping your lymphatic system active and boosting your energy consumption ,so that you lose 8 pounds in only 2 weeks!This is no dream,it's a reality.Go on,sit back,relax and get into shape. 
Sit & Slim is supported by laboratory tests and developed with only 100% organic ingredients. It is been clinically proven to be even more powerful than any other single-formula slimming product on the market.Other than shredding a load of excess fats,it can also block sugar & starch from transforming into fats,eliminate fluid retention,and control your appetite.Suitable for vegetarians. 
Sit & Slim containing natural and botanical ingredients help you losing weight, shaping up and additionally help you refresh stamina with self-esteem and appeal. Starting an auto-lipolysis in 24 hours during in the body, the heat consumption and fat-burning effect with taking Sit & Slim will be three time higher than without taking the capsule. The ingredients enhancing the metabolic rate and fat-burning even without regular exercise can help your body perfect. The long lasting effect will consecutively keep your body in perfect shape and leanness so as to show your attractive waist and hips with self-esteem. In addition to shaping up, it can help you to release the stress in coping with weariness and prevent form delicious temptation. 
1. No Preservatives;
2. No Additives;
3. No Chemicals;
4. No GMOs;
5. USA Organic Plant.
Componentes: Nopal, Enriched nectarine, pomegranate essence, gamboges essnce, blueberry essence, grape essence, spinach essence, spirulina essence green tes essence, white cashew essence.
Usage & Dosage: 2 times/day, 1capsule/time
Functions: Slimming, Losing weight.
Suitable Age: People above the age of 18 and under 60
Caution: Not applicable for women in pregnancy and patients of cardiovascular disease and apoplexy
Specification: 60 Capsules each box.
Product slimming effects:
1. Burn TRANS fat consecutively in 24 Hours;
2. Block the absorption if sugar grease, starch;
3. Cut 55o calories per day;
4. Stimulate micro-circulation leading to stamina and health;
5. Improve the lean ratio;
6. Enhance the weight-loss and shape-up;
7. Firm and slim waist, arm, thighs and legs.  
Applicable to groups
1. With sitting always gives rise to over-weight and obesity
2. With desire to shape up body in short-cut applications
3. For high cholesterol and fat
4. Without regular exercise
5. With saggy muscle leads to pear shape
6. For Male and Female 
Easily to lose 10-20 lbs per month.No Diet, No Exercise,No Meal Replacement. 
Note: Drinks 8-10 glasses of water daily to activate natural organic ingredients for better results.

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