Shopping Guide

How to Shop in 
        We offer an easy and simple shopping workflow to our customer from shopping in If you find "add to cart” button besides the product image, it means you can purchase this goods in The shopping procedures in are :
1. If you are not the member of, please register as member before you purchase goods 
2.  After you registered as a member successfully, you can then shop in
3.  If you are already a member of, please login as a member before you purchase goods in 
4.  Shopping cart is used to collect all customer wanted and purchase them all at once. This is used to facilitate members to purchase in 
5.  When you click "Add to cart” while browsing in, this item will automatically put into the shopping cart. 
6.  Members can change the shopping cart content whenever they want. They can modify the quantities and also delete the selected items in shopping cart. When modifications are done, members can click "Update Shopping Cart". All modifications can then be done. 
7.  When the shopping cart details are confirmed, simply click "check out" to proceed for the shipping address and payment method pages. From here, members can choose what payment methods and enter the shipping address details. 
8.  Please make sure the shipping address is correct. If not, please modify the shipping address accordingly. 
9.  When all information is confirmed, please click "Confirm the order”. 
10.  You would be direct to the payment system for settlement. 
11.  When the payment is done, the system will redirect you back to At the same time, will send you an invoice to your registered email address. 
12.  Login your email address account and you can check the invoice from 
13.  The shopping procedure is finished and our customer service will follow and deliver your ordered goods.

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