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100% Pure Nature,Fast and Double Effect-Reduce Weight Fruta Planta
1. The plant reduces weight,draw the abdomen,
2. Lift the hips,rebound world prevail,
3. Fruit getting fragrant result rapidly,
4. Become effective orientation reduce weight,
5. Reduce belly Nan one day one,
6. Take easily specially the same day never healthily safely 
[Ingredient]:fruit lemon, pectin, balsam pear, radish, fruit, spirulina powder. 
[Specification]: 400mg/tabket x 30 tablets. 
[Rules space]:the 400mgs/grain * 30 grain 
[Edible method]:everyday once, every time 1, in breakfast front or send with boiled water behind 
[apply the scope]:
1, the simply fat, puberty fat many the times reduces weight the failure and easy rebound, need to keep the shape
2, the constipation, dark, on the face have color spot crowd. 
Heart attack,High blood pressure,and serious disease.The body is extreme wead and pregnant woman,Breast feed period women,The young child forbids to use. 
[function characteristics]:
1, the part reduce weight, main cancellation belly, hip, arm, fat.
2, real double to solve te obese to ask, remove the rebound thoroughly.
3, the cancellation body inside accumulate the eject harmful material, hairdressing skin.
4, the high times are concentrated, needing only everyday. 
[Store method]: place in cool and dry place to keep.

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