Pu Er Gua You Shou Fat Loss capsule 3 boxes

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Pu Er Gua You Shou Fat Loss capsule:
1. 100% All natural formula;
2.  Safe, No side effect;
3.  No rebound, no diarrhea.
4.  Fat reduction, Beauty.
"Tea's benefits people think,less lying,Qingshenjianfei,tea drinking is a long thin to fat people." At home and abroad a large number of studies have shown that the use of modern biotechnology,from high-quality tea extract effective bioactive ingredients and herbs are major components of tea polyphenols(TEAPOLYPHENOLS)is a highly effective natural anti-oxidants,can be said to be"the essence of tea."By catechins polyphenols,flavonoides and other 30 kinds of materials,of which about 8% of catechins,a number of catechins can effectively remove the phenol-based free radicals,promote fat metabolism,reduce fat accumulation,inhibit fat absorption,and promote lipid compounds emitted from the feces;the same timebe able to effectively inhibit the body's absorption of carbohydrates and sugars into fat to stop.Thus,in Europe and United States,Japan and other developed countries,has been widely used in clinical treatment and health food,nutritional food. 
Main Componentes: ginkgo biloba tea,lotus leaf,light bamboo,fresh reed rhizome,cassia seed,fruit,dandelion etc

Effect ingredient and content: per 100g contains the total yellow adit 251 mg, dietary fiber 7.2g. 

Usage & Dosage: 1time/day, 1capsule/time (before or after breakfast).
Functions: Slimming,Skin firming,beauty.
Suitable Age: People above the age of 18 and under 60
Not suitable for the crowd: children, pregnant and lactating women, heart disease, high blood pressure, family history of stroke, kidney patients are forbidden.

Specification: 500mg*40capsules each big box (10 capsules in the small boxes, have 4 boxes inside)
Storage: In airproof, cool and dry condition
Shelf Life: 24months
Note: This product cannot replace drugs,Keep out of the reach of Children.  

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