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MingXiuTang Slimming & Fitness Capsule:
1. Easily lose weight,powerfully slim figure!
2. Health Food Formula;
3. Not contain preservatives.
4. Specification: 350mg*30pills.
This product is made of apple,kiwi fruit and hawkthorn with the strengthen the spleen,invigoratine the liver and kidney,improving vision,dredging channels,relieving pain,moisturizine and promoting detaecation.
Main Ingredients: Konciny nut,brittle falsepimpernel herb,apple,kiwi fruit,hawthorn,glucosan fiber,konjak,extract,sweet potato cellulose.
Functional Ingredient and Content: Every 100g contains: Total flavone>=200mg.
Availability: The product is suitable for not only simple obesity but also stubborn obesity and users who have bad effect in repeated weight losing.
Cautions: Children and pregnant women shall not use.
Specification: 350mg*30pills
Usage and Dosage: 1 time a day,1 pill each time ( Orally take before or after breakfast)
Period of Validity: 24 months.
Storage: Store under shade and dry environment after sealing.
Authorization Document Code: Health Foods NO.(2000)0347
Health Permit Code: Shanxi Health Foods Authorization No.(2007)0021
Standard: Q/PXK 002-200
Producer: USA Haixinsha Technical Pharmaceutical Co.,Ltd.

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