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Apple Cider Vinegar Tablet:
The fat will be degraded by the apple cider vinegar to facilitate the metabolism of sugar and protein;
To realize fitness fast while maintaining the beautiful figure;
To deliver a smooth skin with wetting.
The main raw materials for this product are 100% natural and green apple from State Washington,basil oil,hemp seed,semen pruni,oligosaccharides and L-arnitine,etc.It is prepared with a low temperature extraction process applied with the modern bio-activity technology.In addition to be rich with a variety of amino acids,vitamins and trace elements which are critical to human body,there is a unique ingredient, i.e.Burnner fatburner factor,which can quickly degrade the fat accumulated at the belly within 12 hours and supplement skin collagen to improve the skin elasticity and tightness to realize a visual fitness within 3 days and a significant fitness effect within 10 days. Based on the functional tests,this product is proved to be safe and effective without any adverse effect.
Main Ingredients: North America fresh apples,fresh grapes,fresh chifi konjac powder,dietary fiber,tea polyphenois,calcium carbonate,Vitamin C etc.
Functional ingredients and content: each 100g contains: brass 1.2g, L-carnitine 19g, oligosaccharides 11.1g
Health Care Function:
Fitness and fat teduced,relieving constipation with laxatives and with beauty effect.
Indication: Simple obesity,intractable obesity and conslipation.
Contraindications: Pregnantand lactating women,children and those with serious diseases.
Product Package: 1000mgx60 pellets
Dosage and Administration: Once per day,2 pellets per time,and administrated before dinner;one more tablet shall be applied for those without perfect effect due to individual difference.
Standard Applied: Q/321181 RAS 046-2007
Health Licence: Su Health Food License Letter(2006) No.321181-019550
Storage Method: Stored in cool and dry place without sunshine and sealed.
Shelf-life: 24 months.

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