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Japan Balsam Pear Cut Fat Capsules-Natural,herbal,free of side effects, effective weight loss slimming capsule, easy to reduce fat.
What about the background for Japan Balsam Pear Cut Fat Capsules?  In 1998, Dr. Carey in the United States extracted the most biologically active ingredients - high-energy fat-ching from balsam pear;Since then, there was a historic turning point in Western countries. In United States there are 300 to 600 million people are using it every day to restore and maintain attractive slender shape. The modern pharmacological research shows that high-energy fat-ching does not enter the human blood but acts on the small intestine which is important part that absorb the fat in human body. Therefore,It is free of side effects by changing the intestinal cells mesh, blocking sugar, fat high-calorie absorption of macromolecular material.
Main Componentes: balsam pear ,Semen Cassiae,Hawthorn extract,ect
Usage & Dosage: Twice a day.1 pill each time before breakfast and dinner.
Functions: Slimming, lose weight,reducing heat, eyesight, detoxification.
Suitable Age: People above the age of 18 and under 60
Caution: Not applicable for women in pregnancy children, nannies woman, and patients of Heart disease, kidney function disease or other disease.
Specification: 400mg x 60 Capsules/ each box
Storage: Keep it in a dry and shady place at room temperature
Shelf Life: 24months
Suitable population:
1. Those with constipation, acne and peck on face.
2. Those with simple obesity, adolescent obesity, after-birth obesity, repeated failure in reducing fat and easily becoming fat again, and needing to keep slender. 
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