Emilay Bitter Clear Lignans Weight Loss Capsule 1 box

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Emilay Bitter Clear Lignans Weight Loss Capsule:
1.  Even nutrition,the face removing poison;
2.  Reduce weight prompt,effect is enduring,no easy to rebound;
3.  The pure natural purification,safety, have no a side effects.
Emilay Bitter Clear Lignans Weight Loss Capsule by the U.S. CLT beauty recipes, uses unique liposuction PET which is from a special pearl bitter melon extract all-natural ingredients in USA, and together with L-carnitine, Garcinia cambogia plant extracts and other natural ingredients.It is refined by use of modern biotechnology project C02 supercritical technology.It has proved that Emilay Bitter Clear Lignans can effectively lose weight. 

Main Ingredients: Pearl bitter, high-energy Cellulite hormone, L-carnitine and so on.
Effectiveness of the composition and content: each 100g contains L-carnitine salt 19g
Suitable Crowd: simple obesity, repeatedly lose weight rebound.
Unsuitable C
rowd: hypertension, pregnant and lactating women.
Specification: 500mg / tablets * 60 / bottle
Storage: Store in cool, dry place
Shelf life: 24


Edible method:
There are two kinds of Edible methods:
1.  Once a day, two capsules each time,take it 30 minutes before breakfast with warm water delivery service.
2.  Twice daily, one capsule each time, take it  30 minutes before or after
morning or evening meals with warm water delivery service. 

Note: This product can not replace drugs.

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