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Cansui slimming capsule-Pure natural plant formula
Cansui slimming capsule to break through the traditional weight-loss concept to create thin new era. The traditional concept of health and metabolic balance theory of modern science, the choice of anthocyanins. Green tea, cassia seed of Ginkgo biloba, chitin and other pure Medicinal and Edible Plants refined. CAN SUI slimming capsules contains a variety of minerals. Vitamins. Dietary fiber and human trace elements necessary for balanced nutrition metabolism slow down fat synthesis, accelerate lipolysis, sustained moderate reduction in fat. 
What's the role of Cansui slimming capsule:
(1) Rapid weight:
Accelerate the metabolism of body fat, continuing a modest reduction in fat; prevent re-accumulation of fat.
(2) directed to lose weight:
Mainly on the Elimination of parts of the body back. Abdomen. Hip thigh. Arm fat accumulation.
(3) Comprehensive nutrition:
Supplement the body must be of a variety of vitamins and trace elements, balanced nutrition metabolism and respiration, nourish the skin and promote detoxification. Without dieting, no diarrhea. Fatigue does not rebound. 
Specifications: 0.25g x 60 capsules / box
The main raw material: procyanidins, gynostemma pentaphyllum, chitin, cassia seed and a variety of cellulose and minerals.
Suitable crowd: the perfect requirements on their own body.
Unsuitable Group: pregnant women, lactating women, children, severe kidney disease, heart disease disabled.  
Usage & Dosage :
1. Twice a day, one tablet each time. Half an hour before water swallow better.
2.  If for fast weight loss, take three times a day,one tablet each time.
Storage: store in cool, dry place.
Note: This product cannot replace drugs,During the period of taking,drink plenty of water to speed up metabolic waste in the body to discharge.

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