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Ge Slim GMP Standard Natural Weight Loss Diet Pills,Ge slim diet pills
Curb your appetite, increase your energy and help your body to burn fatAlfia Slimming Capsule is made of the extracts from pure natural plant growing in Japan. Alfia has been recognized as unique and has been used for thousands of years. The capsule is processed with GMP standard and is proved to be safe and free of side effects. 
Mechanism of Action:
Facilitating assimilation, hastening fat metabolism and decreasing fat coemption
ge slim helps to digest the food, hasten the fat metabolism and protect the digest organs against diseases in advance. In addition, the hawthorn can increase the enzyme in the stomach, which can facilitate assimilation. 
How ge slim Capsule works
Curb your appetite, increase your energy and help your body to burn FAT. Removes deposited fat quickly, one of the most recommended herb for weight loss! There is no need to go on a painful diet, you can eat reasonably and lose easily! Skinny can Speed up Metabolism. 
ge slim Ingredients:
 * Bitter orange 22%
 * Medical Amylum 30%
 * Semen Cassia Seed 16%
 * Hawthorn 3%
 * Lingzhi 3%
 * Aloe 12%
 * Lotus Leaf Extract 14% 
Pure herbal essence, promoting satiety and controlling the fat intake effectivelyThe raw materials are extracts of mustard, cassia seed, coicis seed and mulberry leaf. The glucomannan in the product can absorb water. A viscose solution will quickly form after intake of the product, which attaches to stomach lining and stimulates it to restrain appetite, promote satiety and control the fat intake. 
Loosening bowel to relieve constipation decontaminating circulation system, promoting metabolism 
The ingredients which include semen cassia seed can loosen bowel to relieve constipation. Therefore Alfia can effectively excrete the metabolism outcome from the body, the redundant fat which cannot be absorbed and toxin so that the bowel system can be loosened and constipation can be prevented and cured.

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