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Thin Waist Slimming Capsule:
1. 21 amino acids;
2. Gynostemma
3. Green Tea Extract.
4. 30 tablets, one month supply.
This product contains a unique formula of Xiao Nan, the American Medical experts took years of exploration and research and red pepper in Mexico as the raw material.The use of modern bio-engineering technique and death to remove the unique active ingredient-Xiao Nan factor.20 times concentrated extract ingredients directly locked decomposition accumulation of belly fat.Speed up the stubbom abdominal fat consumption,to drain away excess oil and fat, inhibiting again the formation and accumulation of belly fat,tightening the belly skin,put an end to the waist grain, Xiao Nan factor to burn belly fat and then automatically track the speedeliminate the hip,thigh,calf and accumulation of fat to achieve weight loss for belly reduction,cycle lean body.
The main component of: Pepper Belly factor(CAP-SAICIN BIOTICAL),Bitter melon extract,hawthom,green tea,citrus,aurantium,cooked rhubarb.
Effectiveness/iconic ingredients: Per 100g: the polyphenols 1.13g,total flavonoids of 1.28g.
Usage & Dosage: Once a day,every time one (before or after breakfast take)
Targeted weight Loss: Focus on waist, belly and the position where fat easily accumulated 
Functions: Slimming, Losing weight.
Suitable Age: People above the age of 18 and under 60
Caution: Not applicable for  Children,pregnant women,heart disease,hypertension, diabetes,kidney disease n patients with disinfectant.
Specification: 400mg/tablets *30 tablets.
Storage: sealed in cool,dry place. 
Shelf Life: 24months
Appropriate to the crowd:
1. Obesity,waist and belly bulge populations;
2. Postparturn obesity,nutrition obesity populations;
3. Excessive overeating, daily cooking oil amount;
4. Excess nutrients,lack of exercise crowd. 
Note: This product cannot replace drugs.

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