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Slim Kick Slimming Capsule:
Slim Kick Night Time Formula is designed primarily to stop your night time food cravings while keeping your metabolic rate at its peak overnight. This product is stimulant free to give you a good night sleep without any disturbances.
Researchers suggests that most cases of overweight are due to night time snacking. People can't resist junk foods at night which highly results to weight gain. This night time formula will enhance your sleep so that you won't crave for food overnight. It will also increase your metabolism for constant fat burning activities that will further help you lose weight.
How to intake: Take 1 capsule at dinner time and 1 capsule before bed time. Specification: 30 pills per bottle, 1-2 pills per day
Caution: you may feel thirsty three days before taking it, which is normal. Drink more water.Avoid fruits that are spicy, fatty, and oversweetened.Do not drink tea and drink beverage and so on, can affect the effect of medicine.Eat more vegetables and fruits for dinner.It is better to combine with proper exercise during taking.Eat less and eat more. 

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