Slim Fat Reducing Capsules (Orange Extract) 5 boxes

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Natural Orange Extract slim fat recuding capsules-Fruit juicy slimming pill serial (Orange Extract Slimming Caspsule).
1. 100% natural fruit juicy herbal
2.  Targeted weight Loss- Mainly Focus on abdomen, waist,and belly.
Fruit juicy slimming pill is also known as vitamin BT, is a type of vitamin. The main food source of carnitine is red meat. Slimming 7 days capsule main role is to promote fat changing into energy. Taking fruit juicy slimming pill can reduce body fat and lower body weight, at the same time does not reduce the water and muscle. So it is a multi-functional, safe and no side-effects weight-loss nutrional supplements.  
Componentes: Fresh orange extract, green tea, deep-sea chitin, aloe, pearl powder, spiral dry.
Taking method: once a day and one bag at a time before the breakfast, dilute it with hot water for drink.
SlimFastEffect:: Lose 2 to 3 Kilos in 6 Days
Suitable for: simple fat people, and those who want to keep fit.
Suitable Age: People above the age of 16 and under 65
Caution: Not applicable for women in pregnancy and patients of cardiovascular disease and apoplexy
Specification: 400mgx24grains/ box
Storage: Avoid placing under high temperature, humidity and direct sunlight place
Shelf Life: 24months
Note: This product cannot replace drugs,During the period of taking,drink plenty of water to speed up metabolic waste in the body to discharge.

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