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Natural Max Slimming Plus Dietary Supplement Capsule:
"Slimming Plus" is a fast, safe and more effective weight loss capsules. This product is Extracted from natural herbs in Yunan and has been used for thousands of years. Natural Extract without rebound, diarrhea and side effects.
It contains: the plant which make people feel full and thus restrain the appetite,For example:sweet potato fiber,cyamoposis gum,amor phallus konjac(extract from giantarum and jerusalem artihoke),Alfalfa,etc.(2) The plant that can reduce fat inside the body,Such as tuckahoe,kola,guttierae plant,coleus scutellarioides, guarana marumi kumquat trigonella foenum and so on.
Extracts which make people restrain appetite naturally without Dieting. The extract can adjust the metabolism of body, inhibit the absorption of Saccharides, decompose the redundant fat inside the body. 7-8kgs or even more can be Reduced when taking it for one month. 
Main Ingredients: Sweet potato fiber, cyamoposis gum, amor phallus konjac, alfalfa, Tuckahoe, kola, guttiferae plant, coleus scutellarioides, guarana marumi kumquat, Trigonella foenum. 
Slimming by natural plants,safe and free of side effects.No rebound,No diarrhea.
Slimming range: only the parts needed.
Specification: 350mg * 60pills.
Usage & Dosage: 1time/day,1capsule/time (before or after breakfast).
Storage: Store in cool(room temperature),dry and dark condition.
Valid period: 36 months.
Approval Code: KWSZ Z[2006]nO.03-0240
Standard Employed: Q/KL2004-02
1. Suited Community: 16-65
2. Precaution: Not applicable for woman in pregnancy and patients of cordis-vasal disease and apoplexy.Cosmetics and all natural products may cause irritation, in this case,you should stop using this product.

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