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Liang Qian slimming capsule:
1.  Green Weight Loss formula;
2.  No rebound, No diarrhea;
3.  Lose more than 10-15 lbs in one month;
4.  100% Pure Nature. 
tudy has found that the fat in the human waist, abdomen, buttocks, thighs etc contains a special substance: LXZ.It can Directionally decompose and transform the fat into energy and supply body with nutrition. LXZ secretion will be a substantial increase in human motion,as prompts the fat in motion,and ecompose and transform these excess fat; For the person who lack of regular exercise, LXZ secretion will be very limited with the result that the fat will easily accumulate in these parts.Liang Qian capsules, based on valuable Medicinal and Edible pharmaceutical, are made by high-tech purification refining,It contains a wealth LXZ substances and can effectively increase LXZ content level in the human body, prompting the excess fat decomposition and transformation in the waist, abdomen, buttocks, thighs etc.And then supplying the nutrition for body. After taking, LXZ will quickly go into the fat tissue, consume and thansfer fats,plus,supplement the energy.It is no anorexia with spirit and pure natural formula and directionally decompose and transform
the fat; Local diet, directed to lose weight, lose weight fast, healthy weight loss without rebound.
Main Ingredients: Momordicin, cinnamon, cassia seed, sea buckthorn, mint, Huang Jing, bee pollen, etc
Usage & Dosage: 1time/day, 2 capsule/time (the effect will be better when taking the capsule after breakfast)
Targeted weight Loss: Focus on waist, belly and the position where fat easily accumulated
Functions: Slimming, losing weight,Toxin removal, Skin firming.
Suitable Age: People above the age of 18 and under 60
Caution: Not applicable for pregnant and lactating women, heart disease, hypertension, diabetes, kidney disease population.
Specification: 0.35 g * 12 capsules / small box * 2 boxes / big box, a total of 24 capsules/ big box.
Storage: In airproof, cool and dry condition
Shelf Life: 24 months 
Note: This product cannot replace drugs,During the period of taking,drink plenty of water to speed up metabolic waste in the body to discharge.

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