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As one of the most Excellent Wholesale & Retail trade company for weight loss slimming products, Aslimming.com aims at providing you with the best weight loss products available in the market worldwide and the highest level of care and customer service.At the same time,aslimming.com will also periodically add newest products in order to meet your demands.Or,if you want some products which can not be found here, please tell us, we will try our best to find out for you. Now,please read the L-carnitine super fat burning bomb descriptions in detail.
L-carnitine super fat burning bomb-High fat burning rate,fast losing weight formula.
L-carnitine super fat burning bomb is an essential coenzyme in the process of fat metabolism. It can promote the decomposition of fatty acids into the mitochondrial to oxidatively decompose. If fat doesn't go into mitochondrial, it could not be consumed, no matter how many exercises you do or how to keep your diet. However L-carnitine is a carrier to carry fat into mitochondrial. 
Componentes: L-carnitine, Hawthorn, Aloe, Tuber fleece flower root, Oolong extract, Radix astragali, Konjac powder.
Composition and Content: Per 100gcontains: TP0.62g, Aloin38.8g.
Applications: Local fat, Rebound after many times fat reducing, Simple fat, High blood fat, Postpartum obesity.
Functions: Slimming, losing weight.
Suitable Age: People above the age of 18 and under 60
Caution: Not Suitable for: High blood pressure, heart disease, children, pregnant women, lactating women.  
Specification: 400mg/tablet×60tablets
Storage: In airproof, cool and dry condition
Shelf Life: 24months
Consumption methods:
Normal speed fat reducing: One tablet twice daily,30 minutes before breakfast or supper.
Instant fat reducing: Two tablets once daily,30 minutes before breakfast.
Keep the good figure: One tablet once daily, 30 
Note: This product cannot replace drugs.

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