L-carnitine cocoa powder spirulina weight loss capsule 3 boxes

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L-carnitine cocoa powder spirulina weight loss capsule:
Product Name: Perfect fat burning L-carnitine + cocoa powder (formerly: Spirulina weight loss capsules)
Main Ingredients: L-carnitine,Gynostemma,Spirulina,hawthorn and other deep-hai kunbu.
Composition and content effects: Per 100 grams Spirulina 111 mg,L-carnitine 85 grams,0.7g total soap.
Health function: weight loss
Appropriate population: Obesity
Not suitable for people: Children,Pregnant and lactating women.
Consumption and consumption: L-carnitine:once a day,each one;Cocoa powder:once a day,each one.
Specification: 350mg/capsules*30 capsules/bottle bottlex2 ( 2 bottles each box)
Shelf life: 24 months
Store: Store in a cool dry and ventilated place to save.
1.  Weight loss during the food and not eat high fat and sugar Alcohol;
2.  Reduced to normal body weight, to stop eating;
3.  The product can not replace a drug.

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