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Japanese Leg Panic Sos Slimming Capsule: 90 capsules/bag
Function: Burning fat on the leg
Specification: 90capsules/bag
Ingredients: Mushroom chitin, l-carnitine,bacteria, lactobacillus, vitamin B......

[SOS series] legs PANIC quick-acting skinny legs, vitamin B6, nutrition health care function, thin LEG more care of LEG ministry skin.
Mushroom chitin, l-carnitine, bacteria, lactobacillus, lactose and soluble dietary fiber, magnesium oxide, cellulose, shaw, sugar, vitamin B and so on
Namely adipose decompose: Contains the essence of piperine and Tang Xinzi promote leg energy metabolism and blood circulation, has the strong sweating and burning fat.
Big fat burning: Contains natural plant gold ginger aroma and symplectic when compared to other ginger four times bigger, stronger, good expansion of blood vessels, promote blood circulation. Contains of eucommia tea essence improve vascular elasticity, strengthen the liver function, more efficient at fat burning.

Leg swelling: Leg fat mainly because excess water product between cells, causing swelling of the legs. Containing angelica promote also and lymph circulation, and provides a better fat burning body state, contains the perennial root herb can significant excess water between place cells, improve the swelling of the legs. Contains gingko leaf, improve the metabolism of the leg moisture elimination? Stains dean?

Detoxification function in vivo: Detoxification efficacy of general detox pharmaceuticals containing magnesium oxide improve lower body easy to moisture retention caused by poor circulation condition, can also be backlog of intestinal eduction waste, improve the intestinal environment, reduce fat, beautiful leg efficacy to appeal.

Method of use: 1, 3-6, according to their own discretion taking constitution, water or warm water. Generally start, it is suggested that half an hour before lunch and dinner all three. After according to their own constitution.

Caution: This product is Not applicable for Pregnant women or nursing.Not applicable for Children under 18 or over 60 years.

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