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Product Name: Herbal aromatherapy slimming navel emplastic:
Herbal aromatherapy slimming navel emplastic is made up of a navel emplastic and botanic essence.Based on the traditional Chinese medicine's theory of channels and collaterals that has a history of thousands of years and the SPA theory that is popular in developed countries,and making use of navel,a golden section point of human body and natural botanical essence,this product can promote the movement of the channel qi,dredge the channels,promote the blood and qi circulation and accelerate steatolysis by stimulating acupuncture points around the navel and partial penetration.It has an obvious effect on such symptoms as adiposis,abdomen fat accumulation,hard to defecate,and abdominal destention.It can also relieve the muscular aching pain arising from exercise and play the role of anti-inflammation and anti-bacteria.It can promote bowel movement,burn redundant fat,and decrease the size of fat globules so as to reduce weight at a fast speed.After using this product,you will have a graceful,charming,healthy and slim body.
Main ingredients: cinnamon essential oil, cypress oil, rosemary oil, borneol, borneol, musk.
Usage & Dosage:
Affixed the umbilical stickers to the navel, keep more than 4 hours (winter for 24 hours).After removing the umbilical paste,wash the applicator parts with water.
Dosage: one piece each day.
Specifications: four pieces each box.
Production license: XK16-108 5238
Health permit: (2001) WZZZ 16-XK-315
Implementation of the standards:

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