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Haoyimian Duoer Slimming Capsules,2012 fashion slimming pills

Haoyimian duoer slimming capsule-Natural and healthy herbs create ultimate beauty.
Effective function: Decompose and burn fat fast, absorb and wrap fat, absorb toxins, Eliminate toxins
High security: Duoer sliming capsule doesnot contain any hormone and drugs. It has no side effect.
Product information:
Huanghong Duoer slimming capsule is a health food adopts perilla fruit, semen casslae, angellca root, prepared fleeceflower root,and semen colcis as ingredients.Its function of slimming has been approved by animal experiments.
[Standard composition & Content] 283mg anthraqulnone glycoside in per 100g capsules
[Health Functions] slimming/lose weight
[Sitable Population] simple obesity
[Unsuitable Population] Pregnant women and nursing mothers
[Usage & Dosage] twice a day, 3 capsules every time
[Specifications] 300mg/24 capsule/box
[Shelf Life] 24 months
[Storage] normal temperature, put in cool dry place
[Attentions] this product can not take place of medicine
[Approval Number] G20070059
[Executive Standard] Q/XHB 0007S-2010
[Executive Producer] YunNan Evergreen Blological corporation
[GMP Certification No.] GMP (2004) No.18
Products Displays & Function:
1. Decompose and burn fat fast: Duoer slimming capsules can decompose redundant fat in your body quickly and metabolize intractable fat.
2. Absorb and wrap fat: Duoer slimmign capsules can absorb and wrap fat intensively and eliminate fat from your body
3. Absorb Toxins: Duoer slimming capsules can absorb toxic substances and heavy metals in your body.
4. Eliminate toxins: Duoer slimming capsule can absorb toxins and heavy metals and eliminate them from your boday.
The slimming mechanism of Duoer slimming capsules:
The pure herbal recipe of Duoer slimming capsules can absorb and wrap fat intensively and eliminate fat from your body so that your body will not absorb fat any more.In addition, the capsules can burn redundant fat in your body fast so that you can lose weight quickly without any diet and exercise.
Six Advantages of Duoer Slimming Capsules
1. Magic recipe: It comes from a secret recipe for losing weight.
2. Professional: Duoer slimming capsule is a professional slimming product approved by state food and drug administration.
3. Easy slimming: You donot need to take exercise,donot need to go on a diet.
4. High security: Duoer slimming capsule doesn't contain any hormone and drugs.It has no side effect.
5. Precise function: you can lose about 5-10 kg for each period of treatment ( 6 boxes)
6. No rebound: Duoer slimming capsules help you to lose weight radically and no rebound after reducing weight.

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