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Blueberry Simple Thin Fat slimming capsule:
1.  Natural fruit and herbal formula;
2.  To lose weight fast;
3.  A new generation of weight loss products;
4.  Safe,No rebound.
This product is imported blueberries by ultra-low temperature extraction technology,extraction of active ingredients from the herbs of Yunnan Pu'er tea,the leaves fo dietary consumption,scientific formula,the secret of the cuban side of blueberries as a carrier,vaccination characteristics of lactic acid bacteria,the complex process of production from the health weight loss product.
The product does not contain any chemicals,no side effects on the human body,lose weight do not need to deliberate dieting,appetite suppressants stimulate the nerve center,no addiction,no fatigue,no revound.
The main component: Brazil imported blueberries dned fruit,lactic acid bacteria,lotus leaf,pu'er
Effectiveness/iconic ingredients: Per 100g,the polyphenols 1.13g,total flavonoids of 1.28g
Health functions: Lose weight
Appropriate to the crowd: Simple obesity,especially intractable obesity and lose weight repeatedly ineffective.
Not suitable for people: Children,pregnant women,heart disease,hyperteension,diabetes,kidney diseasein patients with disinfectant.
Usage and dosage: Once a day,every time one (before or after reakfast take)
Package: 400mg/tablets*30 tablets
Storage method: Sealed in cool,dry place.
Shelf life: 24 months.

Note: This product is not a substitule for drugs.

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