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Best share Plum of Decomposing Fat-Beautiful life for you,pure natural-Best share weight loss Serial Products.
Best share Plum of Decomposing Fat, which is made through complex production process, is the pure natural health food without any chemical agents. It is adopted the ultra-low temperature extraction, extracting the herbaceous plants' active ingredients such as PU'er Tea from Yunan Province in China and lotus, through scientific formula, as the secret system plum to be the carrier, and inloculating a special micro-capsules of lactic acid bacteria. Without any side effect, detox plum needn't deliberately diet to lose weight. At the same time, it does not cause to suppress appetite or stimulate the nerve center and it is also non-addictive, non-loss of appetite, no fatigue, no rebound! 
The one of Ingredients for Best share Plum of Decomposing Fat is "Gold plum " which originally is growing in the 300 metres to 1000 metres sloping land of Middle, South and East of Taiwan. It is big, fatty meat, juice polypeptide and delicious flavor. It is the main exporing categories of the fruit in Taiwan these years, so called to be the "gold plum". "glod plum "is health care action that high fiber in natural alkalinity fruit, enrich, trace element with calcium, iron, sodium, manganese for body need and various organic acidses. 
What about the main healthy functions for Best share Plum of Decomposing Fat?
1. Assist in weight and fat loss
2. Best effects for constipations
3. Colon cleansing effects
4. Anti Bacteria 
Main Componentes: Golden plum, Angelica Keiskel, lactobacillus, Pu'erh Tea and so on.
Usage & Dosage: Depending on the individual, one or two grains per day, once a day. Using after meal with 300cc (10 oz) warm water.
Functions: Slimming, constipations, Colon cleansing effects, Anti Bacteria.
Suitable Age: People above the age of 18 and under 60
Suitable Group: Those need to lose and control weight , as a result of excess nutrients, lack of exercise, and eating too much in social occasions.
Specification: 1 grain/ bag, 20 bags/ box
Storage: Avoid placing under high temperature, humidity and direct sunlight place, and taste better after refrigeration.
Shelf Life: Two years
Taking methods in detail:
To those who are of too much fat,the fatter waist or coarse overweight,we suggest that you continuously consume it for six months or so in order to obtain satisfactory results.The recommendations for Melting fat weight control treatment are as follows:
1. The first phase is detoxification purification stage:

you have acute constipation (including temporary constipation), chew one after lunch daily;If you have a history of chronic constipation, (including customary constipation),you can chew two after lunch daily;For the above two points,if you continuously comsume for one month,it will be able to remove constipation illnesses, eliminate intestinal toxins, purify the body environment; If you do not have any constipation, chew one after lunch daily for one month.
2. The second stage is the phase of melting fat weight-loss:

Independently Chew
one after lunch and dinner daily and last for three months,there will be an obvious melting fat diet weight loss effect.
3. The last stage is the phase for controling the rebound:

one after lunch daily and last for two months.After that,you will be basically able to get through "diet stagnation "to achieve and consolidate effect of controling weight.
1.Pregnant women ,young children ,those who sutter from peptic ulcer and ones with weak physically consutimtion are forbidden to take the product
3. Do not swallow the seed of the plum.
2. Do not take this product with other weight loss products out the same time.
4. Mail the product back to us if there appears flaws. 

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