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The main raw materials of Benefit Slimming Tea include: green tea, lotus leaf, hawthorn, Tuckahoe, cassia seed, etc. It has the efficiency of invigorating the function of the spleen and stomach, reducing sputum, promoting digestion by regulating the flow of qi, reducing the fat and losing weight, facilitating the movement of the intestines. This product contains no additives, and has no side or toxic effect to the body.

Benefit Slimming Tea tea is refined from first-class natural herbs, with effective special recipes combining the function of slimming, adjusting blood fat, excreting toxin and promoting the movement of intestines. It can rapidly decompose the fat in the waist and abdomen. These three efficiencies and three steps work in coordination, realizing the effect of thorough adjusting and slimming the body.

Main Ingredients: Green tea, honey flower, cassia seed, lotus leaf, fiveleaf gynosffemma, hawthorn fruit, honey
Applicable Population: women at gestation and lactation
Suitable Group: Overweight persons
Usage and dosage: twice a day, two tea bags per time, drinking it after soaking with boiling water for 5 to 8 minutes.
Precaution: children,pregnant women,patients suffering from serious diseases
Storage: keeping in the dry and cool place
Healthy Function: reducing weight
Notice: this tea is not a substance of medicine

Benefit Slimming Tea can promote the decomposing of the fat inside the body, restrain the synthesis of the fat, quicken the metabolism of the fat, and effectively adjust the blood fat, decrease cholesterol and triglyceride, reduce the viscosity of blood, and relieve the fatty liver, in order to decrease the occurrence rate of hyperlipidemia, atherosclerosis, and coronary heart disease.

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