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Awesome Body slimming capsule:

This production is made in modern technology extracting,selecting special plant known for thousands of years in Kingdom of green plant of yunnan.This product is extracted usuful compositions based on complex technoloy.This product which drug and food GMP standard is identificationed enterprise production is passed.So,taking this product is free of side effects.

Main Material: tuckahoe,lotus biter orange fruit etc.
Size: 500mg*40 capsules each box.
Taking ways: Once every day,two capsules each time.Take it before or after breakfast.
Storage: Keeping it in a cool,dry and avoiding light of indoors.
Production date: See the seal of bottle.
Period of validity: 24 months.
Pay attention to affairs.
Suitable ages: Between 16 to 65.
Special prompting: This product is not suitalbe for pregnant women,cardiovascular disease and apoplexia people.

Note: This product cannot replace drugs,Keep out of the reach of Children.

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