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AB slim extra slimming capsule:
1. Expel toxin, beautify the face, lower blood pressure and lose weight;
2. Natural plants for weight loss; Safe and reliable without side effects or rebounds;
3. No need of dieting; Rest assured of use.  
AB slim is a 100% natural product without side effect. It can help people to burn fat and transform the fat into energy. It is best natural fitness product that help you loss weight without diet, effort, fatigue or danger. It can help to solve the problem of bloating, gas, stomach disorder, satiety and indigestion immediately and automatically. Also it can be used for men and women. 
Storage:Keep sealed and store in a cool and dry place below 30°C
Specification: 30 capsules / box
Function mechanism:
1.Regulating fat metabolism, inhibiting lipogenesis and promoting fat burning;
2.Decreasing cholesterol and fatty acids;
3.Inhibiting appetite and losing weight.
Main ingredients: Rhizoma, atractylodis, macrocephalae, cassia seed, liquorice, dried ginger, ginseng.
Directions:Take one capsules daily, preferably with a meal
Shelf life: 36 months 
Note: Pregnant, breastfeeding women as well as individuals with heat diseases or high blood pressure can not take it.

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