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100% pure nature ,100% original Reduce weight pink fruta planta (2011)
Mechanism of Action:
1.locally reduce fat, mainly reduce fat in abdomen, buttocks, and arms
2.Really double direction to solve fat problems, thoroughly remove rebound
3.Remove body accumulated substance, discharge injurant, beautify skin
4.High concentrate, only take one tablet daily 
Specification: 400mg*30capsules/box
Ingredients: fruit lemon, fruit gum, bitter gourd, papaya, benefit fruit, spiral and so on.
Dosage: everyday once, one capsule each time before or after breakfast with boiled water 
Apply scope:
1.Simplicity fatness, post parturn fatness, those who are many time failures in reducing fat and easily get rebound, needing keep slender
2.Constipation, acne, more beauty
Storage: store it at cool and dry place 
Unsuited community and Precaution:
The body is extreme weak and pregnant woman, breast feed period women, the young child forbids to use.Not suitable for heart attack, attack, high blood pressure, serious disease.

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