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Relacore South African Hoodia Capsule:
For rapid weight loss,It is designed for women on the go who want to lose weight ultrafast.
The body can quickly break down excess fat and speed up the stubborn fat burning Xie health so as to achieve rapid weight loss, the goods sold in the United States by 7 years, the use of more than one million people, 97.8 percent success rate, average weekly weight loss 3-8 pounds. Achieved, so that failure to restore the confidence of many weight loss, in the past, fear of side effects and deter people who have input at ease and enjoy the natural flowers and plants in this formula of technology products the trust of consumers is fundamental sure this product.  
Formulated to help:
1. Supports weight loss;
2. It may help with appetite suppression;
3. Can make dieting easier;
4. Can help you achieve your weight loss goals;
5. Contains no added preservatives.
Dietary Supplement: 30 capsules Control Belly Fat/Stress.
1, 100% pure natural plant extract, not containing Western drug ingredients.
2, will not be digested in the body smoke, does not contain calories.
3, is I want to take into account human nature and the body weight of products.
4, a large number of formulations of plant fibers, is a positively charged fiber, a pro-oil performance, a performance crawl lipophilic fatty acids with negative charge, and general fiber is hydrophilic, without charge.
5, adsorption of toxic substances and metal body and body functions.
6, the prevention of colon cancer, rectal cancer, the effect of a great deal of attention.
7, with a high affinity human tissues, no side effects.   
Natural flowers and plants can be strongly absorbed formula and package attached fat and burn fat quickly, thus eliminated from the body, since they can not get the fat body and other parts of the body burning fat, so weight can be achieved quickly, it will not be fat, is the most human-oriented principle of thin.  
Componentes: Natural papaya, garlic extracts, proteins, ginkgo, bitter gourd, konjac, marine plant cellulose, vitamin A, carotene, calcium etc.
Usage & Dosage: Once every morning, every time a, taken 30 minutes before eating, it is recommended to take 4-8 weeks cycle. 
Functions: Slimming, Regulate blood fat,losing weight.
Suitable Age: People above the age of 18 and under 60
Specification: 30 capsules/box
Storage: In airproof, cool and dry condition
Shelf Life: 24months
Usage & Dosage:
1.  Once every morning, every time a, taken 30 minutes before eating, it is recommended to take 4-8 weeks cycle.
2.  To the effect of thin ideal, in accordance with the "thin body" a course of treatment regimens, not only to maintain the desired effect. 
Note: This product cannot replace drugs,Keep out of the reach of Children.

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