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Cherry Blossom Slimming capsule :

Japan Cherry Blossom Slimming capsule get balance power from natual and pure plant to adjust unbalanceable body shape caused by intense life, unbalanced diet and tension nerveuse. It is made of natural garden stuff via advanced technology then it could safely and quickly solve fat generation and body shape defect problems to be in profect body shape.
Direction: Take one time daily, each time one or two pills. Best if taken before meal 30 minutes.
Especially suitable for people with a fat body, people over-drinking and over-eating, fat people with good absorbability.
Aim directly at fat legs, fat arms, fat belly and fat butt.
Ingredient: Balsam pear, Aloe, Garcinia cambogia, Cassia tora L., Hawthorn, Leave of water lily, Oolong tea
Specification: 3.6g/12pills*36pills/bag
Article number: 520078
Shelf life: 36 months

Storage: Store in cool (room temperature), dry and dark condition. 

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