Aloe Pearl White expulsion toxin slimming capsule 6 boxes

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Aloe Pearl White expulsion toxin slimming capsule:
1.  Zhen zhu mei bai;
2.  Weight loss,whitening and
3.  No side effects, No dependence;
4.  24 pills each box, 24 days supply.

This is health food which is Selected the Aloe vera, propolis, pollen and other as raw materials;It is extracted and refined by modern bio-engineering technology.With function experiments confirmed, the product can improve gastrointestinal function with laxative role in health care.

Main raw material: Pearl, pollen, aloe,chitin,low gather the sugar.
The effect composition: the each 100 gs contains the total flavonoid>=100mgs.
Care the function: the smooth bowel relax bowel,hairdressing
The rules space: the 400mgs/grain*24grains.
The method of using dosage: everyday once,1 of every time,in sleep the ex-half an hour sends with boiled water.
Feat crowd: constipation color spot,halitosis, obese. and suffer from insomnia many dream crowds.
Grant the text number: the takes a meal the word of (1998)No.0111
Performance standard: QB1998-33
Health permit number: the fod certificate word(204) is the 0000 A0701 nmuber.
Consociation product: USA(HK) genome biology mecical technology co.,limited Guangzhou tiankang biotechnology limited company.
Address No.173, ShangHuan DeFu Road, Hongkong

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