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4C Diamond Slimming Diet Pills is made from the essence of nutural herbaceous plants. It can remove the fat in whole body,including the parts of legs,waist,cheek,belly,hip and arms,etc. 4C Diamond Slimming Capsules is a green sliming without exercise,dieting, resistance to drugs and side-effect,even without any rebound when you stop taking it. With 4C Diamond Slimming Capsules you can lose 10-26 pounds in a month and have a perfect figure. 
What's the Mechanism of Action:
1. Control Appetite: The extract of cactus is efficient to control apprtite that regulate the appetite and reduce the absorption of calorie.
2. Consume Energy: The essence of Biotical in South America significantly promotes the physical metabolism,quickening the consumption of energy.It also efficiently aims at the parts of dewlap accumulation such as waist,belly and hip.
3. Cut Absorption: Starchiness enzymes inhibitor aims at starch and sugar.Water and the essence of citric acid synthetically stop the absorption of fat so that reduce the absorption of calorie.
4. Clear toxins: Oligosaccharide can promote to balance probiotics in intestinal tract. 
Specifications : 60 capsules/bottle,/400 mg tablets
ingredients : Essence hydrated citric acid and starchiness of enzyme inhibitor in South America, Cactus extract essence, Biotical oligosaccharides.
Usage : On two occasions, one dat at a time, each taking one or two cups of water 30 minutes before meals. Kindly reminder: If this is your first, you can daily during the first week, each time a grain of grain.
Warranty: 24 months
Store: Store in a cool, dry place, hard to reach children.
What's the Functions?
4C Diamond Slimming Capsules synthetically promotes physical metabolism and improve the circumstance of intestinal tract with decomposition technique.It can also rapidly affirm where the fat accumulate, activating burning lipoidase and aiming at thick waist,simple obesity. 
Please Note:
1. This priduct is not a medicine for treatment and prevention of diseases. According to the Constitution of the individual or absorb the power, influence and plan is different from different people.
2. pregnant women, lactication, children, and the long-term patient should be taken after consultation with the doctor.

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